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Uganda Christian Lawyers’ Fraternity (UCLF)

General Benefits of UCLF Membership

  • UCLF provides a platform for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) trainings to its members at a subsidized cost.
  • UCLF presents its members with the opportunity to grow spiritually through, its members weekly and end of months fellowships, overnight prayers, prayer retreats, UCLF Pastoral visits and evangelism engagements. Members also have a right to share in these engagements.
  • Inclusion on the UCLF membership Roll of members;   UCLF members are included in the UCLF membership Roll of honour published annually during UCLF’s Annual General Meetings. 
  • Members have a right to become board members if elected
  • UCLF involves its members in  mentoring Law students and young lawyers. This is an opportunity for members to empower and share their lives with others.
  • Legal Advisory; UCLF commits to support its institutional members through dispensing legal advise to them, as may be required from time to time.
  • UCLF provides a platform for members to give back to the community through charity donations, pro-bono services, offer volunteering placements or opportunities and engage its members in humanitarian activities.
  • UCLF avails an opportunity for professional interactions and networking among members of the profession including interactions between the Bar and the Bench.  Institutional members are always invited for such interactions.
  • UCLF is a family beyond the professional lines that is; we reach out to our members in times of grief, need, celebration or achievement. UCLF will be available to support member institutions in such aspects.
  • UCLF avails its members the opportunity to grow their literary skills through scholarly writing and legal research. UCLF launched the UCLF Law Journal Series were members can freely write. UCLF also runs a physical library and on line library, where members can freely access academic or research materials.
  • UCLF recommends and refers its members for opportunities in government, the private sectors and other international forums.
  • UCLF publishes the profiles of its willing members on its website to increase their visibility.
  • UCLF also sources international or local specialized trainings for its members at subsidized costs or no cost.
  • UCLF is part of the Advocates Africa Convocation and the Clear lawyers’ network international, which avails opportunities for Christian lawyers to connect internationally.