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UCLF Past President

Mr Charles Owor was the first President of Uganda Christian Lawyers’ Fraternity since 1987 to the late 1990s when he tragically died in a car crash. Mr. Owor was an advocate of the High Court in Uganda who rose through the ranks of Uganda’s judicial service and later became a member of the Constituent Assembly that gave birth to Uganda’s 1995 Constitution. Mr. Owor also served as a commissioner of the Electoral Commission in the 1990s. As a result of his commitment to electoral Justice, Charles Owor was posthumously awarded a national award for his work as Ugandan Election Commissioner in 1996 presidential and general elections.

He was instrumental in developing the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (LCF) which was later renamed the Uganda Lawyers’ Christian Fraternity (UCLF). Mr. Owor was the first Chairman/President of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and formed part of its’ founding body with his contemporaries of the time including Hon. Justice Mike Chibita, Dr George Bamugemereire, Ms. Harriet Lwabi, Prof. Paul Bakibinga, Lady Justice Julia Ssebutinde, and Ms. Dorothy Kisaka.

Past President Owor’s passion for multiparty politics caused him together with Makerere University Dons to form a pressure group titled; 'The Free Movement '(TFM). He started his career a state attorney and later served on the 1 st Parliamentary Counsel. He was also the lead vocalist in the Mustard Seed Ban, where he served as a musician and a minister of the word of God.

Unfortunately, Mr. Owor passed on while travelling from Nairobi where he had been attending the Advocates Africa Conference (AAC). He was representing UCLF at the said conference, as the serving President of UCLF.

When the AAC ended, Mr. Charles Owor decided to drive back to Kampala for his routine work. On his way, from Nairobi to Kampala, he was involved in a terrific road accident in Eldoret, Kenya that instantaneously ended his life. The accident took place in Eldoret, Kenya.